According to the number of participants and presentations, the Conference Center Kopernika was chosen as the main venue which has much more conference halls with top quality for conference presentations; It has better location in the central area of Warsaw with transport facilities and much more hotel choices for the participants. So please prepare for Conference Center Kopernika as the main venue for ICMPR 2018.
The address and location information is available on our website (
We also keep Centrum Kulturalne Brnbitow if we need to add 3 more panels or workshops or satellite meeting but all oral presentations will be in Conference Center Kopernika. These are far from each other and we can suggest much closer hotels.
We will send you the link of some of the most appropriate ones and you can choose among them. We will help you and the reservation will be done as you prefer.

The accommodations can be reserved directly by the participants at the hotel websites or by the conference organizing staff if you send your request via email to: